About Mixed

cropped-concept-1_cover-front_mixed_nicole-zelniker_3.jpgNicole Zelniker’s Mixed, a work of journalism about race and mixed-race families, will be available March 20.

Advanced praise for Mixed:

At a time when US society is being ripped asunder by division, we are more inclined than ever to retreat to our tribes, where we believe we are more likely to find safety and understanding. But what happens when you belong to more than one tribe, when your identity doesn’t neatly slide into a particular slot? In “Mixed,” Nicole Zelniker deftly explores the fascinating conflicts and confusion that often course through the daily lives of people sitting on the bubble between two communities, two different worlds. These are existences that our society desperately needs to understand, to welcome, to celebrate—for this is the American future.

–Nick Chiles, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling co-author of “The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership”

“While race has no biological basis, in the US it is culturally real. Combining personal stories and research, Nicole Zelniker sensitively explores that reality as it relates to identity struggles in a variety of multi-race family structures. Mixed is a valuable resource for biological offspring of biracial couples; for adoptees from racial/ethnic traditions different from their adoptive parents; and for biracial couples, both gay and straight, considering parenthood. Teachers and relatives whose lives these families touch are sure to gain valuable insight as well.”

-Nancy Werking Poling, author of Before It Was Legal: A Black-White Marriage (1945-1987)