Check out Nicole’s books Mixed, Last Dance, Letters I’ll Never Send, and Until We Fall. Her first young adult novel, All I Know So Far, comes out January 2025.

Nicole has also been published in several anthologies, including Nothing Without Us101 Proof Horror, and Signs of Life, among others.

About the books

Mixed (2019), Nicole’s first book, is a nonfiction collection of interviews with mixed-race people and families. Cirleen DeBlaere, who is Asian and white, discusses her ‘me’search as a psychologist studying race. Asian college student Gillian Sherman grapples with her difference from her white family. Simone Thomas, who is Black, remembers her family’s reaction to learning her Latina partner Alanna Ramos is a police officer.

Last Dance (2020) is Nicole’s book of short stories. In Chicago, two college students enter into an explosive romance. In California, an ex-soldier prepares to tell her family about her dishonorable discharge. In Georgia, a young woman turns a blind eye to her brother’s suffering. These twelve stories follow women as they grapple with their choices and come to terms with their pasts.

In Letters I’ll Never Send (2021), protagonist Sadie Goldman still isn’t sure if she’s ready to confront her demons after eight months in a psych hospital following a suicide attempt. Her close friend Kim is undergoing chemotherapy, her mother is back in her life, and her five-year-old daughter isn’t entirely sure how to react to Sadie coming home. Sadie has to find the strength to deal with the ups and downs of her regular life, aided in part by her wife, friends, and therapist.

Until We Fall (2021) is a dystopian thriller described as “a balm to soothe the lingering aches of the Trump era.” When Isla Logan’s history teacher Morgan Young is arrested for conspiring to take down the dictator that rules over the United States, it sets off a chain of events that will lead to Isla, her fellow refugees from the U.S., and their allies partaking in the fight of – and for – their lives.

Coming January 2025, All I Know So Far is a queer, contemporary coming of age story about Avery Marsh, a bisexual, nonbinary teen sent to live in what she calls Middle-of-Nowhere, Virginia, with her absentee half-brother and his secret boyfriend. What starts out as the worst year of Avery’s life becomes one of friendship, queer family, and reconciliation.