Check out the podcast about race and mixed-race families on The Nasiona and the fiction podcast, Letters I’ll Never Send, based on Nicole Zelniker’s book of the same name.

Nicole has also been featured on several podcasts, including The Spoonie Author’s Podcast, Oh No! with Anna Campion, and Everyone Loved It But Me, among others.

About the podcasts

In The Nasiona’s Mixed, a podcast based on her book of the same name, Nicole spoke with several interviewees, among them mixed-race journalist Sam Manas about passing as white, interracial adoptee Mia Ives-Rublee about the intersections of race and disability, and author Nishta J. Mehra regarding her memoir about her mixed-race family.

Nicole’s fiction podcast, Letters I’ll Never Send, is based on her 2021 novel of the same name. Directed by Justyn Melrose and co-adapted by Dulce Valencia-Sanchez, the podcast tells the story of Sadie, who struggles with her mental health as her best friend Kim fights cancer.