Contemporary fiction

About Letters I’ll Never Send

“Sadie recovers from a mental health breakdown as her lively, devoted best friend Kim dies of cancer. Sadie’s recovery forces her to leave her past behind her, including deep hurt inflicted by a self-absorbed mother, and to love the present, including her loving wife and their adopted daughter, the fleeting time she has left with Kim, and of course, Sadie’s own resilient, courageous self. Zelniker’s Letters I’ll Never Send takes an unflinching look at life’s curve balls. The novel is brave, raw, and lovely.”

Christy Stillwell, author of The Wolf Tone

Letters I’ll Never Send, Nicole Zelniker’s first novel, is now available at BookshopIndie Bound, and wherever books are sold. Listen to the Spoonie Authors Podcast episode “Managing Mental Health, Writing, and More with Nicole Zelniker” to hear more about Letters I’ll Never Send or read Nicole’s interview in Natalie’s Little Corner of the World.

A content warning: Content in this book includes depictions or mentions of addiction, anxiety, child abuse and neglect, chronic pain, death, depression, domestic violence, grief, homophobia, illness-induced weight loss, medical trauma, OCD, racism, self-harm, serious illness, sexism, sexual assault, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and transphobia.

About Last Dance

“In her willingness to go places dark and light, and in prose that is both crystal clear and palpably suggestive, Nicole Zelniker reminds us that to be human means to move in complex concert with others, even when our individual dances feel like strange, dizzying solos. Watching her characters contend with the motions of their lives is like being allowed inside a room you recognize but take in from a fresh, exposed corner. A wonderful debut collection.”

Mylène Dressler, author of The Last To See Me

Nicole Zelniker’s Last Dance, a collection of short stories, is now available at BookshopBarnes and Noble, and more. Listen to the Who Knows? podcast episode “‘Writing and Authorship’ with Nicole Zelniker” to hear more about Last Dance.

A content warning: Content in this book includes depictions or mentions of car accidents, child abuse and neglect, death, domestic violence, eating disorders, grief, illness-induced weight loss, medical trauma, racism, serious illness, sexism, and sexual assault.