About Until We Fall

Out now, a dystopian novel published with Jaded Ibis Press. Check out Until We Fall on Ashley Hasty’s October 2021 book list. Order now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

See Until We Fall on Ashley Hasty’s October 2021 booklist, check out Cococatani’s review, and read Deborah Kalb’s author Q&A.

Advanced praise for Until We Fall:

“A thriller with belief in revolution that our times need.”

—Gina Apostol, PEN Open Book Award winner, author of Gun Dealers’ Daughter and The Revolution According to Raymundo Mata

“An impactful story of what could be that will shake you to your core, told in a powerful voice.”

—Nathan Caro Fréchette, author of Blood Relations

“Both tender and gripping, Until We Fall is a propulsive tale of revolution and community in the tradition of Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower. It serves as a powerful reminder of how quickly freedom can disappear—and how central love is to the work of winning it back.”

—Johanna Stoberock, author of Pigs and City of Ghosts

“A heartfelt, face-paced vision of a future we can avoid by celebrating our diversity and working together for peace and justice.”

—Dana Walrath, author of Like Water On Stone and Aliceheimer’s

“Fans of dystopian fiction will be pleased with the terrifying similarity of Zelniker’s world and ours—like a fun-house mirror, this novel shows us an image that is both disturbing and recognizable as what our nation would look like if fascism and conservatism prevailed.”

—Sadie Hoagland, author of Strange Children and American Grief in Four Stages

“Told through a diverse cast of memorable characters, Until We Fall is an action-driven, socially conscious, heartrending story of survival, of oppressed individuals fighting against seemingly insurmountable forces. Zelniker’s self-assured, imaginative, and astute writing will grip you throughout. A powerful and unforgettable dystopian tale.”

—Dariel Suarez, author of The Playwright’s House

“Until We Fall is a balm to soothe the lingering aches of the Trump era. By telling the story from each character’s point of view, Nicole Zelniker offers compassion in a dystopian world that has little.”

—Kate Gray, author of Carry the Sky